COR Certified
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What are the advantages of
holding COR certification?

COR Certification is the recognition that a company’s health and safety management system has been evaluated by a certified COR auditor and found to meet all provincial safety standards.

  • Many companies require a valid COR in order to compete for the work, especially within the oil and gas and construction industries.
  • Holding COR reduces workplace injuries and improves workplace morale.
  • There are financial incentives through the WCB Partnerships in Injury Reduction Program (PIR). You can earn up to 20% off your industry WCB rate by obtaining a COR Certification.

Why Us? brings a streamlined approach to the COR certification process.

Our team is made up of consultant COR auditors who have completed thousands of COR audits and with that experience a process to help any small or medium-sized business achieve COR, painlessly.

We support companies in achieving COR Certification for a reasonable price, which is why we can guarantee COR Certification in 6 months or less when you follow our unmatched process! has a 100% success rate for helping companies achieve COR
when they follow our developed COR Plan.

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